IM Consulting

Management / Marketing / Monozukuri consultancy for small and medium businesses, located in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Assisting syacho-sans' numerous tasks :

Management consultancy

Create & execute business & corporate strategy
Overview finance & accounting
Plan new business
Improve products & services
Plan & manage projects
Manage & improve operations
Plan & Deploy IT

Marketing consultancy

Set maketing concept & target customers
Create marketing strategy & budget
Realise products & services from the marketing concept
Approach target customers & manage leads
Create communication strategy
Operations management & improvement
IT planning & deployment

Monozukuri consultancy

Manage R&D
Develop in-house products
Improve manufacturing & sales processes
Create & execute IP strategy
Promote high-tech digital & IT products
Reinforce Hardware & Software technology
Create technology roadmap & strategy
Coordinate alliances
Train next-generation engineers

IM Consulting Logo

FRM Building 2D, 5-31-7 Aoto, Katsushika-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 125-0062
81-03-5680-5282 (Telephone & Fax.)